Super Duper’s New EP Features Buzzy Cast of Nashville Vocalists


Did you get a taste of Super Duper’s synthy single, “Don’t Worry,” when we covered it earlier this month? The Nashville producer unleashed a full course of dope tracks with new EP Sessions Volume One, out via Vitalic Noise. The songs are both gigantic and tasteful, sprinkled with original tones, head-bobbing rhythms, and some of our favorite up-and-coming vocalists. Locals REMMI, Jung Youth, Ruelle, and Patrick Baker all guest on the release. We’d be disappointed if we didn’t hear some Super Duper added to the weird little dance parties popping up around town, like the ones in the back of Crying Wolf, pop-up party CLOVER, and No. 308.

Listen to Sessions Volume One below and follow Super Duper on socials.

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