You Don’t Want To Miss William Tyler Band & Friends Tonight At The Stone Fox!


Last November, William Tyler put together a show at his home venue that would become an instant classic. Dubbed William Tyler Band & Friends, the night combined a regular William Tyler Band show with a live band karaoke night that featured various Nashville luminairies taking turns on the mic. Tonight, August 21, Mr. Stone Fox himself is getting the band back together – this time with a fresh new batch of singers (for the most part). Kurt Wagner, Margo Price, Joseph Plunkett and Dan Tyler are all returning for round two, while newcomers Alicia Bognanno, Jemina Pearl, Courtney Jaye, Jack Silverman, Webb Wilder and Cale Tyson round out the bill. If you’re a big William Tyler Band fan, don’t be late! The first half of the set will be their regular and wonderful stage show, followed closely by the best night of full band karaoke you’ll ever see. The festivities begin at 9pm for this $8 show.

William Tyler Band & Friends

Before going solo under his own name in 2010 (after first releasing solo work under the name the Paper Hats), William Tyler had already been a part of two highly regarded and influential Nashville bands – Lambchop and Silver Jews. He has since made his own mark with two critically acclaimed solo albums and a full band EP. Early in his solo career, it was just him and a guitar on stage every night. Nowadays, the “William Tyler Band” setup has been playing more and more, and for good reason. They elevate the live show to new heights, shifting his sound from more ethereal, heady solo guitar music to heavier, more head-bobbing grooves. The material found on his latest EP Lost Colony, which was recorded as a full band, ranges from chooglin’ new song “Whole New Dude” to a kraut-y Michael Rother cover and a full band reworking of an old solo song. Said Tyler, “Including these guys as part of the band has totally transformed the way I look at playing this music because it feels more like family on these songs.” It’s a great new direction for William Tyler, one that you’ll get to experience live with the first half of tonight’s show.

For the “& Friends” portion of the evening – the guest list is spectacular. Singers from all across the Nashville spectrum will be there to sing one song each, while the William Tyler Band provides the backing track to whatever they so choose. On the lineup for the live band karaoke-style set is Tyler’s old bandmate Kurt Wagner from Lambchop, Jemina Pearl from defunct local punks Be Your Own Pet, Alicia Bognanno from currently blowing up local punks Bully, JP5 bandleader Joseph Plunkett, Margo Price of Margo Price and the Pricetags, indie country songstress Courtney Jaye, musician Jack Silverman, old school rockabilly musician Webb Wilder, outlaw country singer Cale Tyson, and rounding it out is William Tyler’s dad, a songwriter in his own right, Dan Tyler. If last November’s show was any indication, you won’t want to miss this. It might be the most fun you’ll have at a show this summer, and it sure as hell beats your average karaoke night.

William Tyler Band & Friends will perform August 21st at The Stone Fox. The show is 18+, begins at 9pm, and tickets are available for $8 at the door.

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