Steelism Drops New EP ‘The Drawing Room, Volume 1’ | Release Party @ Fond Object on Saturday!


Local virtuosos Steelism dropped their latest EP, The Drawing Room Volume 1, today, and it is rapidly climbing our best releases of 2015 (so far) list.  The instrumental album expertly teeters between jammy rock and jazz interludes, but also fills a number of other niches that should make it immediately enjoyable for most any music fan.  This EP is the first volume in a series of releases for Steelism that will lead up to their sophomore LP.  The idea for the EP series came when the band was inspired by an evening spent in the drawing room of a Victorian manor house in the Peak District that the band stayed in during their UK tour in February 2015. A drawing room being a room in a home used for entertaining guests, this series is an invitation to step into Steelism’s drawing room, unwind and let them entertain you as they create, experiment and explore.

Check out the first single, “The Serge”, below for a taste, and you can pick up the album at or stream it on Spotify.  You can also grab a copy at Steelism’s release party in the backyard of Fond Object on Saturday July 11th at 5pm.  Tickets for the release party are $5, but come with complimentary Starr Hill beer while supplies last.  If you want more information about the event, check out the Facebook event page.

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