Brezhnev Society Drops New Transmission: “Electric Heart”


Honestly, we get pretty excited when we get new “transmissions” from Nashville based electronic duo Brezhnev Society.  Their sound is a mixture of shoegazey, post rock, pop, and electronica, that the artists explain to us is their “interpretation of how music might have sounded if the cold war ended differently”.  The music makes use of Soviet-era keyboards to layer electronic tracks and lush vocals for a truly emotive listening experience.

As if the music wasn’t interesting enough in it’s own right, the videos, which they produced themselves, are out of this world impressive. We already brought you the videos for the tracks “Falling Sky” and “Make Up Our Minds”, and then the winter/holidays inspired video for “The Star”.  So, right after you check out the new video for the latest single, “Electric Heart”, below, we’re pretty sure you are gonna want to go back to check out the first three videos too.

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