Benefit For Allen Thompson ft. All Star Line-Up | Friday | The Basement East

 Allen Thompson Band - 620

Allen Thompson, the man sitting front and center in that photo above, is a face, and more importantly a voice, around Nashville’s east side.  You may recognize him as the leader of the ever-popular Allen Thompson Band, or you may know him as a friendly face and cool bartender to chat with at one of your favorite local watering holes.  However, if you aren’t friends with him, you may not know that he was recently injured in a diving accident that shattered one of his vertebrae, and there are significant medical bills around the corner.

Leave it to East Nashville musicians like Josh Farrow, Elizabeth Cook, Blackfoot Gypsies, bree, Josh Hedley, Tim Easton, Don Gallardo, Alex Caress, Chubby & The Dots, Dutch Whiskey, Darrin Bradbury, Roman William & The Prey, & more to quickly join forces with The Basement East for a charity event on Friday June 19th to help raise money for his rising medical expenses.  Things get started at 8pm, and the minimum donation is $7 (but, you know you’ve spent more than that on a kickstarter to help a band fund t-shirts, so be generous to truly help out a musician in need).  If you can’t make it on Friday and still want to help out, you can contribute here!

The Benefit for Allen Thompson will happen on Friday, June 19th at The Basement East.  The show starts at 8pm and it is 21+.  A $7 minimum donation is required at the door, but please pay more if you have the means.

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