Listen to Super Duper’s Remix of CAPPA’s “Hush” (and Thank Us Later)


It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of local electro-pop star in the making CAPPA, who recently appeared on an episode of our podcast, and performed at one of our Acme Feed & Seed showcases, the same day she dropped her phenomenal new self-titled EP. Combining lush electronics, hypnotic production, sweeping melodies, and unforgettable hooks, CAPPA has forged a new sound we seriously can’t get enough of, and, with dense orchestration and hip hop sensibilities, her tracks are just begging to be remixed. Litehouse, Eau Claire,  and Beatwalker have all taken a stab at “Killin’ It,” and bolstered CAPPA’s already impressive Hype Machine dominance in the process, but her latest remix, this time for debut single “Hush,” which comes from acclaimed Nashville producer/electronic artist Super Duper, might be our favorite remix yet! Check it out below, play it on repeat, and, in case you’ve been snoozing, keep an eye on CAPPA, because she’s the coolest artist to come out of Music City in recent memory, and the rest of the world is going to agree with that sentiment before you know it.

If you dig it as much as we do, go <3 it on The Hype Machine and download the track for free!

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