PUJOL Releases “June Bug” Ahead of Record Store Day


PUJOL is releasing a special, strange 5″ record for Record Store Day on Saturday, featuring the band’s new song “June Bug” on one side plus the song “Bones” from Meth Dad on the other. PUJOL’s mastermind and local punk hero Daniel Pujol created the 5″ on his own imprint label due to all the vinyl pressing plants being backed up. For all you record collectors out there, this is a pretty cool chance to get a really unique 5″. For everyone else, we already know from their sophomore album KLUDGE that PUJOL’s weird recording projects are great. The tracks were recorded at the house venue Queen Ave., and the bands are going to recreate the recordings with a show there on Record Store Day that also features BZRK and Jawws.

We heard PUJOL play “June Bug” live back in the fall, and though he’s ditched the sampled sounds of actual beetles buzzing, the song still has their signature playful energy. It’s very ’70s NYC punk. You can check out the song and the handbill for the gig, which comes with the record and was inspired by Nashville’s punk show fliers from the 1980s, after the jump. The record will be available on Record Store Day and for digital download for just two weeks.

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