If You Like Butts, Check Out Thelma and the Sleaze’s New Video

Thelma and the Sleaze, photos by: Jake Giles NetterPhoto by Jake Giles Netter

Thelma and the Sleaze are the most gloriously sleazy cock-rock band in all of Music City, and they’ve just released a new music video for the single “Maria” from their Heart Like a Fist EP. The clip serves as the official debut of their new four-piece line-up, as the group recently added another guitarist. The band’s videos are just as wonderfully raunchy as their live shows and NSFW “Maria” does not disappoint. The women mime fellatio, swig whiskey, and get naked from the waist down to the tune of the catchy garage rock love song. “Maria” was directed by Seth Graves, who used a 20-year-old VHS tape, a camcorder found at Goodwill, and other found objects on the shoot. Click through to watch the video for “Maria.”

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