[VIDEO] Tennessee Jet Release New Video for “Soul” – Starring Johnny Cash


Local hard-core troubadour, and one-man-band Tennessee Jet, is all piss and vinegar … in the best ways possible. Dwight Yoakam meets Jack White vibes. Dare we even say, “The Man in Black”, who stars (via public domain laws) in Tennessee Jet’s latest music video for “Soul”, off this year’s self-titled release. A download awaits right here, enjoy the music video after the jump, and get your social media fix as well. Stay tuned to No Country for more information on all things local that rock!

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  1. tJ U nEED A REAL drummer, nOT this bULLShit Im HEARING, ilOVE IT even though I colDNT play some rEALL drums 4U. I lost mY spleen 4EVER!!!!!


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