[Review + Photos] That’s My Kid ‘TMK’ EP Release Show | 1.10.15 @ Grimey’s

That’s My Kid. Photo by: Briana Mailley.

That’s My Kid
Grimey’s New and Preloved Music; Nashville, TN
January 10, 2015

Words by: Jacob Ryan (@GonzoWithGusto). Photos by: Briana Mailley

We’ve been on the That’s My Kid bandwagon since we first heard their unique garage blues rock sounds several months ago (see this post), but did you know they just released a cassette EP, TMK, and they did their release show as an in-store at Grimey’s New and Preloved Music last weekend? If you’re an avid No country reader, and we hope you are, then the answer to that question is probably yes, but, for those that didn’t know, or for those that couldn’t make it to the show, we have a recap for you after the jump. Also, check out a few photos from contributing photographer Briana Mailley, and be sure to catch the fellas TONIGHT at Soulshine Pizza for free, where they’re performing as Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week.

If you’ve ever been to an in-store at Grimey’s, then you know it starts early (usually 5 p.m.), it gets crowded fast, and the sets are typically pretty short. If you didn’t know these things, consider yourself schooled, but thankfully I did, so I got there early, helped myself to free PBR tallboys (after showing ID) and hunkered down by the psychedelic rock section of the record store to make sure I had a primo spot.

I could see Forrest, Abraham and Jashaun (a.k.a. That’s My Kid) at the front mingling and shaking hands. I opted out of losing my spot, and decided to wait till after their set to say hi. It was ten minutes to show time, but the back room of Grimeys was already filling up fast with mostly 20 somethings. The smell of good weed was faint, but ever present, and I cursed myself for forgetting my dug-out at home.

After a quick sound check, and a heartfelt introduction from Grimey himself, the power trio got down to business. Although I’d already been a fan of their music for awhile, it was my first time seeing them in person, and I was immediately struck by how well they translated from recording to live performance. They didn’t miss a beat, playing tight, all smiles and appreciation. The tiny space added to the over-all loudness of their set, which is far from a complaint; these guys fucking rocked it!

They played their new, five-track EP, TMK, from top to bottom and there wasn’t a single throw-away song. My only gripe would be they didn’t play longer, but, of course, Grimey’s in-stores are always short and sweet, and for the price of free, who can complain. The EP was released on cassette only, but each copy came with a download code for digital consumption. When I talked to Forrest via e-mail, I was kind of surprised that they went with that format, but apparently I’m getting old, and I’m out of the loop, because kids these days can’t get enough cassettes! I’m cursing myself for not holding onto my adolescent collection. In fact, their first run of tapes has since sold out, but don’t worry. You can still get the EP online right here for just $7 … and if you’re into the throw-back craze, never fear, more cassettes are coming.

So do yourself a favor, and get hip to one of my personal favorite new(ish) bands on the Music City rock ’n’ roll scene. These guys are fairly young and just finding their stride, so the sky appears to be the limit. Check out some photos below and see what I’m gushing about for yourself tonight, for free, at Soulshine Pizza. Hope on the bandwagon now, while there’s still room, because I have feeling that That’s My Kid only be getting bigger, and bigger.

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