No Country’s Best Nashville Albums of 2014


Just like last year, we have compiled all of our favorite records of 2014 from both a National and Nashville perspective.  A bunch of the No Country staff nominated their top ten favorite records, and then we ranked the results.  If you saw our Best National Records of 2014 post, then you know that Jack White already took that crown, and, given that he lives in Nashville, Lazaretto obviously won this poll too.  So, we threw that record out of our poll here, and still had 41 nominated records to tally.  Have a look at our top 10 (well, 12 because of lots of ties) Nashville albums of 2014 below, and you can link to the albums in Spotify by clicking on the title.  Stay tuned for our favorite live shows of 2014 coming this week.

10 (tie).  *repeat repeat – Bad Latitude [3.11.14, self released]


10 (tie). Old Crow Medicine Show – Remedy – [7.1.14, ATO Records]

OCMS remedy

10 (tie). Alanna Royale – Achilles – [9.16.14, self released]

Alanna Royale

8 (tie). Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music – [5.13.14, High Top Mountain Records]

Sturgill Simpson

8 (tie). Pujol – KLUDGE – [5.19.14, Saddle Creek]


6 (tie). Vinyl Thief – Fathoms – [7.22.14, self released] 


6 (tie). Denney & The Jets – Mexican Coke – [4.8.14, Burger / Limited Fanfare]

Denney & The Jets

4 (tie). Fly Golden Eagle – Quartz Bijou – [10.14.14, ATO Records]

Fly Golden Eagle

4 (tie). Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Kid Tiger – [3.4.14, Deer Head Music] 

Daniel Ellsworth

3. Bully – Milkman 7″ – [4.25.14, Chicken Ranch Records]


2. Diarrhea Planet – Aliens In The Outfield – [11.25.14, Infinity Cat]

Diarrhea Planet


1. Nikki Lane – All Or Nothin’ – [5.6.14, New West Records]

Nikki Lane


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