Gregory Alan Isakov to Play 3rd & Lindsley Jan. 21


While we’ve been furiously making our way down our Christmas checklists, shopping on Amazon’s never-ending holiday deals, wrapping presents, and stocking up on eggnog, Gregory Alan Isakov has been changing his guitar strings and checking the tread on his tires, because he’s officially hitting the road this January. Not a bad idea when gas is $2.20, I might add. He’ll be rolling into Nashville during his nationwide tour on Jan. 21 at 3rd & Lindsley, and, with an opener like Nathaniel Rateliff, y’all might want to nab your tickets early right here.

Isakov’s latest album, The Weatherman, is a masterfully wrought addition to his anthology of musical tales. It debuted at #1 on iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart and at #5 on Billboard’s Folk chart. To kick off his 2015 tour, Isakov’s official video for his elegant waltz, “Amsterdam,” premiered at NPR music and we’ve got it here just after the jump.

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