Sleater-Kinney to Play Marathon Music Works April 23

Sleater-Kinney Band Photo

We first learned back in October that female indie punk trio Sleater-Kinney had reunited, and had plans to release a new album, No Cities to Love, Jan. 20 via Sub Pop. The group, which includes Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia fame, disbanded in ’06, and haven’t released an full-length since 2005. Along with that surprise announcement came a new single, “Bury Our Friends” (watch the music video below) and an initial run of tour dates. We suspected that additional shows would follow, and, this morning, that tour expansion arrived, bringing the band to our very own Marathon Music Works on April 23. Tickets are officially slated to go on sale tomorrow, but it looks like there’s a soft presale happening right now, so grab your spot to see the ladies’ first Nashville outing in a decade, and check out another new track, “Surface Envy,” here.

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