[Hump Day Diversion] Too Many Cooks


Here we are again, friends… running into one another in the midst of the mid-week madness… and have we got something seriously mad for you today! If you have not yet been stunned and strangely transfixed by Adult Swim’s unsettling 11-minute-ish mash-up of 80s pop culture TV tropes set to an earworm of a parody of a sitcom theme song, get ready to get diverted.

After premiering first on television in that awkward infomercial hour of 4am, “Too Many Cooks” then made its way to the only media that matters anymore, the internet, where it has, as the kids say, “gone viral.” Over the weekend it became almost unavoidable and is now being discussed everywhere from Reddit (where it first garnered its cult status) to high brow outlets such as The New Yorker (who attempts to deconstruct the video and identify what exactly is happening here and why it is that we can’t seem to look away).

So if you’re not yet one of the literally millions who have been lured into the uniquely hilarious sort of hell that is “Too Many Cooks,” divert yourself this way and look out for Smarf… particularly around 9 1/2 minutes in…

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