[Hump Day Diversion] 20 takes on “Thriller”


Happy mid-Halloweek, humpers! With this Friday being the annual excuse for racial insensitivity & cultural appropriation in the interest of a modern mating ritual masking as a holiday, have we got a treat for you tricksters out there! Last year, we compiled the obligatory list of scary music videos (you can get your spooky on here). But this year, we grabbed you something a little unusual and uniquely scary in its own right 

So divert yourself now with Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs¬†and appreciate the greatest haunted pop hit of all time performed in 20 different styles including Vincent’s take on The Misfits, Marylin Manson, The Spice Girls, Prince, Ozzy Osborne, Tom Waits, Tenacious D, Busta Rhymes and more (plus a making of video!)

and here’s a “behind the scenes” look!

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