Don’t Miss A Day to Remember, Chiodos, & Bring Me The Horizon | TONIGHT @ Bridgstone Arena


With tickets selling fast and the anticipation ever growing, we are more than excited to announce that the Parks & Devastation Tour is coming to Nashville tonight! So, get ready for a teeth grinding damn good time. With the Florida natives A Day to Remember, post hardcore group Chiodos (back with original lead singer Craig Owens), and British metalcore outfit Bring Me The Horizon, there is no doubt within our minds that this is going to be an amazing night to remember. Grab tickets here for this amazing event at Bridgestone Arena and keep reading after the jump for a refresher on these post-hardcore metal groups and what they have been up to recently.


There is no need to introduce this group that have sold out multiple continental tours and topped billboard charts. Along with boasting over 1.1 million friends, fans, and followers across all social media, A Day to Remember recently self-released their fourth album, Common Courtesy, after some brief hang ups with Victory Records over the conclusion of their record deal. Thrashing the masses throughout their performances with mosh-inducing breakdowns over and under a monstrous thunder of sing-along choruses, this group have consistently provided an unforgettable performance. Do not miss out on their night at Bridgestone arena. Check out their recently released video for “End of Me” from Common Courtesy.


There is a new fire and intensity that thrives throughout the pulse of the brand new full length record, Devil, from the undeniable post-hardcore Michigan monsters that are Chiodos. Through deep meditation and great appreciation we have been preparing ourselves for the white knuckle magnitude of the newly returned Craig Owens along with Derrick Frost, Bradley Bell, Pat McManaman, Matt Goddard and the new edition of Thomas Erak. Chiodos are striving for new heights in their recent release of Devil. In this record we find Owens pushing for a wider range and new dimensions in their own songwriting, along with an inventive drive towards something fresh throughout the band, while bringing back some old tricks from Bone Palace Ballet. Listen to a new track below.


Bring me the Horizon have been at the forefront of the resurgence of British metal. Since their highly anticipated release of Sempiternal back in 2012 they have been headlining dates from South Africa, Asia, all the way to their spot on the Parks & Devastation tour this fall. There is some speculation that we should be expecting a new album sometime soon this year. Jordan Fish, the newest addition to the group shortly after the release of Sempiternal, let loose that they are currently working on a new record, experimenting with some different sounds. With the innovative and inventive nature of this band, shown throughout their discography, showcased in There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret, and Suicide Season only prove the progressive nature of BMTH. Here is their music video for “It Never Ends.”

A Day To Remember, Chiodos, and Bring Me The Horizon will perform tonight, Oct. 6, at Bridgestone Arena. The show is all ages, begins at at 6:30 p.m., and tickets are available for $33.35-$43.85.

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