[News] Upcoming Bonobo Show Adds Jungle To Bill | Sunday, September 28 @ Marathon

Bonobo : Jungle

Friends and electronic music fans, hold on to your seats, because we’ve got some exciting news for you: the upcoming Bonobo show at Marathon Music Works has been combined with soul collective Jungle for a fantastic evening of dance. The event is still scheduled to take place on Sunday the 28th of September, but attendees can now expect to hear from four acts, Bonobo, Jungle, Jim-E Stack, and Beaty Heart. If you’re familiar with either of the two new acts (Jungle and Beaty Heart), you likely just smiled in excitement, for both these acts are nice pairings with the original lineup and definitely will enhance the show.

If you had tickets to the show already (or won them through our giveaway), they’ll still be honored, you’ll just get to see twice as many acts perform. That sounds like a great deal to us, and we can’t wait to see how this event goes down. If you need to purchase tickets for this show, you can do so through this link¬†for only $20 ($23 on the day of); you can also check out the following video by Jungle to help familiarize yourself with one of the new acts. Again, this sounds like it’ll be a great evening, and we highly encourage everyone to get out to Marathon and get down to these awesome acts!

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