Steelism Drops Debut Album “615 to Fame”

Steelism. Photo by Shawn Jackson.

In case you managed not pick up on this (despite our penchant for announcing their singles and live appearances), we here at No Country are pretty big supporters of local instrumental blues rock act Steelism. These guys are really something else, and their unique take on the blues has garnered a ton of attention both here in Music City elsewhere. Impressively enough, the duo and their live backing band managed to do all of this without the benefit of a full length album. However, as of today, September 16th, Steelism has officially released their first ever full-length, 615 to Fame. The release of this album very much seems to represent a pinnacle after months of hard work by all involved in the project, and indeed the songs are triumphant and memorable. It’s really a work of art, and we definitely recommend giving it a listen. The best way to get ahold of the album is likely through iTunes, but one also the option of ordering a CD or LP through their website. If you want to try before you buy, we’ve got the lead single from the album, “Cat’s Eye Ring”, embedded below, but trust us: you’re gonna like what you hear.

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