Olivia Jean to Open for Jack White on Sept. Tour Dates; Nashville Release Show Tix Available for Blood Donations


As we already told you, Third Man Records jack-of-all-trades and former Black Belles frontwoman Olivia Jean has cut her first solo album, Bathtub Love Killings, produced by Jack White and to set be released on the label Oct. 14, just in time for Halloween. Now, Third Man have also announced that the creepy chanteuse will be stepping into the spotlight by opening for Jack White, rather than her usual gig of playing in his backing band, during White’s solo shows around the U.S. in Sept. Click here for a full list of those dates, which will be the first live shows Olivia Jean is playing as a solo artist.

There’s still no local date for that tour, but us Nashville-dwellers aren’t completely left out of the fun, as Third Man also announced that they’ll be throwing a special Devil’s Night party in celebration of the album’s release, in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. In order to get a ticket to Olivia Jean’s Record Release Party before the regular ones being sold for cash go become available, a select few will have the option to pay with blood. On the lucky day of Oct. 13, the Red Cross will be at Third Man accepting blood donations in exchange for two tickets to the Devil’s Night shindig, plus a vinyl copy of Bathtub Love Killings. Head here for more information on the process to participate for some Devil’s Night fun.

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  1. Seems like she’s been getting some pretty bad reviews in just the couple of dates she has opened for Jack so far. They are saying her mic was more animated then she was. I think this shows what a lot of people think. She does not have the talent and did not deserve a recording contract. Such ashame because the other opening acts for Jack have been stellar.

  2. I had tickets for several of Jack’s shows where Olivia Jean opened for Jack. I was really angry I had to pay a lot of money to see an opening act that was at a high school battle of the bands level. Even bands that I have seen at high school battle of the bands level are far better than this girl. I don’t know what Jack was thinking producing an album for her and then having her as an opening act. Does he want to turn his fans off all together? I get they had some kind of relationship before but does that mean he has to inflict her terrible talent onto his fans? Jack and Third Man should be refunding money to everyone who paid for tickets for the shows Olivia Jean was the opening act.

  3. I saw her open for Jack White and she was fantastic. A little serious maybe, but her guitar playing was great. Leave it to women to knock another one down cause they’re jealous Lol.


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