[Hump Day Diversion] Call The Doctor


What’s up, nerds?! This Diversion’s for you! If you happen to be the Time-Lord-loving, Gallifreyan-writing, sonic-screwdriver-toting type, you’re no doubt going to love this week’s special interruption in our regularly scheduled music news and reviews.

So what are we up to this week? We’ll give you a hint: it’s bigger on the inside – and that’s not an innuendo this time! So hop in your TARDIS and make the jump for some Whovian happiness in honor of the rise of the 12th Doctor!

The Dr. Who main theme – on cello!

“Tick-Tock Goes The Clock” (a Ke$ha meets Who parody!)

Series 1-7 Soundtrack – in case you need to set a sexy, space-travel-type mood

“Through Time”

“Born This Way” (Lady Gaga Parody)

“Time Lines” (“Blurred Lines” Parody) [Remember when we brought you lots of those? They’re still here!]

“Timelords” (Lorde Parody)


Happy Hump Day, dorks! Have a great rest of your week and remember the words of the Doctor (here).

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