No Country Presents: Moon Age and Willie & the Giant @ Acme Feed & Seed | Tuesday, September 2nd

Willie and the Giant

Guys, we’re not sure if you’ve aware, but you oughtta know that our live events wing, No Country Presents, has been rather busy as of late working on a weekly showcase downtown at Acme Feed & Seed. Featuring some of the finest local talent available, the event goes down every Tuesday evening from 8 to 11 pm. Oh yeah, and the best part? It’s free (though you do need to be 21+).

There’s been five weeks of festivities so far, beginning with Kansas Bible Companycontinuing with Diamond Carter, both Bear in the Campsite and Jordan Hull in one night, folk artist  Don Gallardo, and just a few days ago, *repeat repeat and Pang. On this upcoming Tuesday, we’ll be continuing the festivities with performances by blues-indie rockers Moon Age and the ever-groovy Wille & the GiantWe’ve got a few more words on each of the bands after the jump for your educational pleasure, but really: it’s a free show featuring some fantastic local talent. Frankly, we can’t think of a better place to grab a few beers this Tuesday evening!


You can’t deny that there’s something oddly alluring about the sound of a simple distorted guitar and keys line backed by bass and drum kit. Sure, it’s the classic rock band setup we’ve all seen five thousand times, but when it’s done right, man. It’s honest music. Moon Age is a band that gets it right almost all of the time. Their music is a simple blues rock with just a little hint of that jam band mentality; think the hooks of earlier Perpetual Groove tunes, but more bluesy and slightly less prone to extended solos. Anyways, it’s fantastic music, and we highly recommend checking out their Seasons EP, which dropped in June, as well as coming out to check them out this Tuesday!


The other act performing this Tuesday is Willie and the Giant, who actually makes a great pairing with Moon Age (they actually just recently played together at fooBar in June). In contrast to Moon Age, Willie and the Giant is a tad bit cleaner, and can really best be described with one word: vibing. The group tends to play way back in the pocket, which makes their live shows easily danceable and quite groovy. Willie and the Giant have been pretty quiet recently, but it’s only in preparation for an upcoming release. The first single drops on September 9th, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you heard a few new tracks a week early at their performance at Acme on Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

Moon Age and Willie and the Giant will perform Tuesday, Sep. 2nd, at Acme Feed & Seed. The show is 21+, music begins at 8 p.m., and, per usual, it’s totally FREE. Downtown PARKING can sometimes be an issue. However, if you’re willing to walk a few blocks, street parking is typically easy to find on the numbered avenues south of Broadway, or along Korean Veterans Blvd. Metered spaces are often free after 6 p.m.

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