Muddy Roots Music Festival – Friday’s Must-See Bands

Muddy Roots Music Festival 2014

Labor Day Weekend is in its final approach, and that means Muddy Roots Music Festival is nearly here. We’re waiting until the last minute to pack our tents and beer, so what better time than now to discuss that unique cocktail of music that is Muddy Roots?

The festival kicks off in Cookeville this Thursday night with two fantastic acts, Woody Pines and Jake Orvis & The Broken Band and then goes full throttle with all three stages Friday afternoon through the early morning hours of Monday. We will be posting our top picks for each day of the festival, so check out after the jump for some of our most anticipated bands of Friday.  Tickets for Muddy Roots Music Festival are still available here!


Saturday | Ol’ Wood Stage | 1am

Hailing all the way from Bern, Switzerland, The Monsters are returning to Muddy Roots after blowing everyone’s mind last year with their garage punk meets rockabilly meets primitive rock. We are very excited to cap off Friday night with their fuzzy riff-tastic grooves and dual drummers.

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Friday | Trailer Stage | 12pm

Third Man Records recording artist Pokey Lafarge is such a perfect fit for Muddy Roots. He’ll disagree if someone calls it “throwback music,” but he and his band have an authentic, rootsy Americana sound that will make you think you’re listening to a 1940’s radio show.

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Friday | Ol’ Wood Stage | 11pm

Iconic 60s garage rock band The Sonics reunited in 2007 and have been touring the world ever since. Their rock and roll is the real deal, so we will definitely be at the Ol’ Wood Stage for this show.

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Friday | Trailer Stage | 10pm

We at No Country do not often gush over bluegrass, but The Tillers are one of those bands whose appeal crosses big boundaries. This trio whose last record was released on Muddy Roots’ recording label have a very pleasing instrumental and vocal sound with songs that range from adventure stories to working man songs all the way down to the suicide ballad.

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Friday | Ol’ Wood Stage | 9pm

Muddy Roots regular, Hillbilly Casino, is a band that we would certainly miss if they skipped a year at Muddy Roots. Their psychobilly sound and intense stage show have become staples of the Muddy Roots Music Festival experience.

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