St. Paul And The Broken Bones Announce New Years Eve Show At Marathon Music Works!


Yes, I know that we still have at another (presumably) month of sweltering heat ahead of us, and football season hasn’t even started, but sometimes you have to plan in advance… even in Nashville.  Breakout retro soul rock act St. Paul And The Broken Bones are no strangers to us here in Nashville.  From multiple sets in various packed venues around town, their still talked about Live On The Green set last year, or their blistering Bonnaroo set this year, they have taken Nashville (along with the rest of the nation) in their grasp.

You see where we are going with this, right?  It’s the same place we went last year when that Moon Taxi show sold out over New Year’s at Marathon.  You need to get ahead of the proverbial curve, or you will find yourself at a house party (probably at your place) with a bunch of people breaking beer bottles all over the joint.  Those of you that are planners, should go ahead and jump on the pre-sale that is happening from 10am to 10 pm on July 31st (password: SPBBNYE). General public on-sale starts August 1st at 10am at the same link.

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