The Lees Of Memory Drop Shoegazey Gem in “We Are Siamese”

Lees Of Memory-620

Local rockers, The Lees Of Memory, are probably best known from their previous project Superdrag, but, if this first single is any indication, that probably won’t be the case for too long.  We’re big fans of John Davis of the band, who lent a hand to us by composing a theme song for our podcast, and we’re excited to see that this new project also includes Brandon Fisher (Superdrag) and Nick Slack (Epic Ditch).  Don’t fret though kiddos, that happy little podcast jam is nothing close to the oozie bit of rock awesome that you are about to hear in the new video for “We Are Siamese”.  The first two tracks from their upcoming debut full length Sisyphus Says, which is due out September 16th on new label Side One Dummy, are available for you to check out at their Bandcamp page.  While you wait six weeks to hear it all, settle in with “We Are Siamese”, which honestly made us double take thinking that we were listening to early 90’s My Bloody Valentine, and, yes kids, that is a very good thing.

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