[Preview] Nashville Dancin’ Week 4: The Apache Relay, Steelism, Promised Land Sound, EL EL | Tonight @ Riverfront Park


Tomorrow might be the official start of the Independence Day weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start celebrating tonight at the fourth installment of Nashville Dancin’. In case you’ve somehow managed not to catch any of our previous coverage of the first three weeks (which you can find here), the concert series takes place each Thursday throughout June and July and brings you some of the best acts from across the world, for free. Tonight’s edition of Nashville Dancin’ features entirely local acts, with the indie roots rock powerhouse The Apache Relay being tonight’s headliner. Opening for them is the instrumental blues act Steelism, vibey rockers Promised Land Sound, and one of No Country’s favorite acts, ELELBased solely on the lineup, we’d predict this to be a pretty exciting show, but seeing as it takes place right in the heart of downtown at Riverfront Park, on the day before the 4th of July, for free, it’s basically a guarantee for a fantastic evening. Music starts at 6 pm (doors at 5), and we’ll be expecting to see each and every one of your readers out there getting your groove on. 


If you’re an active member of the music scene here in Nashville and you somehow haven’t heard of the The Apache Relay, you’re definitely a rarity. These days, it seems it’s impossible to escape the rootsy, Americana sounds of this local six piece, though we aren’t complaining. The group have received heavy airplay due to the recent release of their newest self-titled release, which is spearheaded by the single “Katie Queen of Tennessee.” If you’ve been following the band for the last couple of years, you might be surprised to hear their newest project, which somewhat abandons their more traditional, acoustic roots, instead favoring an indie pop approach. However, they are still well written tunes with memorable hooks, and if there’s one things that’s propelled The Apache Relay’s thus far, it’s those hooks. Hear them firsthand tonight at Riverfront! 


We don’t want to rip on any bands in particular, but we all know that Nashville can occasionally fall victim to producing dozens of acts that all sound suspiciously similar. However, this makes it all the more refreshing when a truly unique act like Steelism come around. The instrumental blues group features Jeremy Fetzer on guitar and Spencer Cullum on pedal steel; the pair typically play with a live backing band as well. Musically, one can expect truly intricate counter melodic work between the duo, as well as some extended, jamming solos. Despite there being a lack of vocals, the strong melodic presence of the Telecaster and pedal steel are more than enough to keep listeners engaged, and the bluesy, ’60s influenced sounds are a delight to any listener’s ears. These guys are definitely one of our favorite Nashville based acts these days, and we definitely encourage you to check out their set this evening.


Promised Land Sound is an attempt to bring the traditional Chuck Berry style attitude to the country-rock scene here in Nashville, and, we must admit, the three piece (occasionally six) is quite successful at this endeavor. The group play with a bit more of a rootsy, country influence than most of the alt-rock acts around town, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a hit on the house party circuit. Last year, the group dropped their self-titled debut full length, which has helped to catapult them into better shows and grow their following. Keep an eye on Promised Land Sound, as this unique group will certainly go somewhere.


If you keep up with our blog, you’ve undoubtedly heard us harp on how awesome ELEL. The group, who recently played at Bonnaroo, are, without a doubt, one of the most unique acts to come out of Music City in recent years. Consisting of 8 members, ELEL really capture a communal feeling that encourages audience participation. Their newest single, “40 Watt,” also provides a very danceable beat. Throw in the blaring horn section, and it’s not hard to understand why this band has enjoyed a great deal of success recently. They’ll be kicking off the evening, so be sure to get their in time to enjoy their spectacular set.

The Apache Relay, Steelism, Promised Land Sound, and El El will perform TONIGHT, July 3, at Riverfront Park. The show is all ages, begins at at 6 pm (doors at 5 pm), and is free.

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