[PREVIEW] Shellshag w/ Street Eaters and Breast Massage | TONIGHT @ The Stone Fox


Are you looking for a way to get over the hump on hump day? Have the mid-week blues been fucking up your mojo as of late? Well, fear not faithful readers, because if you want to kick the rest of your week into high gear, we have the show for you! Brooklyn punk rock two-piece Shellshag are headlining a killer lineup TONIGHT for only $7 at The Stone Fox, with Berkeley, CA, post-punk rockers Street Eaters and local indie legend Jake Orrall’s (of JEFF the Brotherhood fame) side project Breast Massage filling out, and feeling up, the bill.

We recommend you get there early because you’d be insane to miss even a minute of this high energy, hard rocking night of live tuneage which is so epic, we can’t believe it’s not happening on the weekend. But, as we’ve told you before, not all that rocks falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so get off your lazy butt and go see some kickass music! We hope you’ll be there, but, if you still need convincing, read on after the jump for more info on the bands.


Shellshag are a duo are known for getting rowdy and creating a ruckus at their live shows. Crowd surfing and property damage are almost assured, so don’t bring anything you’re afraid might get broken. Shell (guitar/vocals) and Shag (drums/vocals/body bells) formed the band around 1997. but things didn’t really pick up until 2004 when they released their debut EP, Gary Young. Their catalog of mostly vinyl/CD only releases has grown over the years, but it’s their live performances and their custom two pronged mic stand (which enables them to face one another while they both sing) that they are known for. Their latest LP, Shellshag Forever, dropped in spring of 2013 and is more of their same signature garage punk, but, before you buy it at your favorite record shop, see what these guys are all about live and in person!


A SoCal post-punk two piece who formed in 2008, Street Eaters have been rocking the fuck out ever since. Their latest release, Blood::Muscles::Bones, is pure visceral energy and spunk with a touch of polish on Megan March’s vocals. They’re another rowdy act who are all set to melt your skull first-hand, tonight! Have a taste below with the video for their lead single, “Reverse,” and go see what SPIN calls a “pileup of grinding guitars and crashing drums that simmers” in the flesh.


Jake Orrall (JEFF the Brotherhood) has teamed up with local Infinity Cat labelmate Karl Bergman (King Karl) to bring you Breast Massage. Don’t worry, your girlfriend’s honor is safe, that’s just the name of the band, and while they’ve played a few shows locally, there isn’t much else out there about these guys. We tried YouTubing/Soundclouding them but you can imagine what came up, so if you want to cop a feel from another great Nashville formed side project you better get to The Stone Fox early!

Shellshag, Street Eaters, and Breast Massage will perform TONIGHT at The Stone Fox. The show is 18 +, begins at at 9 PM, and tickets are available for $7 at the door.

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