Bonnaroo Club Stage Band of the Day: Kevin Devine


Bonnaroo Artist | Kevin Devine
Bonnaroo History | 2010
Stage & Time | TBD


Just like last year and the year before, we’re making it our mission to help you get acquainted with as many bands as we can from Bonnaroo‘s impressive 2014 lineup. In addition to main stage acts, we also want to be sure to give the Club Stage bands some love, so, for the next month or so, we’re adding a second daily spotlight. They might be the smallest artists on Bonnaroo’s bill, but the Club Stage bands some of the best and most exciting up and coming acts around. As with our main stage previews, we’ll start from the bottom and work our way up. Keep reading for your Bonnaroo Club Stage Band of the Day


Eclectic singer, songwriter, goddamn bandleader, Bad Books member, Brand New affiliate, Brooklynite, and all around stand up guy Kevin Devine will be making his Bonnaroo return this summer, and it’s practically criminal that such an accomplished artist is still being relegated to the fest’s Club Stages. One of the most prolific, hardworking, and talented performers in the scene today, Devine is always a treat live and, in recent years, has toured often with Bad Books, as well as a solo act. Releasing new albums at an unbelievable clip, and building a fan base organically through relentless touring, Kevin is sure to be one of this year’s breakout undercard artists.

Most performers would be content just to get one new record out every few years. Kevin Devine released two just last October. Fan-funded by a Kickstarter that reached six-figures (talk about a supportive fanbase!), the first album, Bulldozer, is a totally solo (though not particularly stripped down- it lands closer to his writing style for Bad Books) effort, while the second, Bubblegum, which was produced by Brand New’s Jesse Lacey, features his whole Goddamn Band. Showcasing Devine’s immense range, diverse chops, and attention to detail, there’s not a filler track among them. Between his various projects, it seems like Kevin never stops writing, recording, and touring, and, as such, is a true master of his craft. Devine is one of the most polished, fun, energetic performers around, never delivering anything less than a stellar performance!

LISTEN | “Brooklyn Boy”

WATCH | “Bubblegum” (Official Music Video)


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