Don’t Miss Daisyhead w/ Cove & Nest | TONIGHT @ The End


We pride ourselves on keeping you plugged into the best of Nashville’s punk and hardcore scene, so, TONIGHT, we’re bringing you three excellent reasons to kick your week off at The End: DaisyheadCove, and Nest. Offering their unique takes on emo/alt-rock, hardcore, and indie/emo/post-hardcore, respectively, these are three of Nashville’s best rock acts on the rise, and, for just $7, this show happens to be one hell of a bargain. Keep reading for more!


At this point, it’s hard to use the term “underground” anymore when describing Daisyhead, but, for those of you more in tune with the garage/indie rock scene and less with local punk/hardcore/emo, these guys might still be under your radar. We brought you the lyric video for debut EP title track “I Couldn’t Face You” last fall, and filled you in on the exciting news of Daisyhead’s deal with No Sleep Records and upcoming debut album back in November. Channeling a sound that hovers in the territory of alt-rock with emo sensibilities, laced with a heavy bite, Daisyhead are one of Music City’s must-see acts, and are destined to break out in a big way in the punk scene in the very near future.


We haven’t talked as much about Cove previously, but, like Daisyhead, they’re poised to become a breakout act in Nashville’s underground scene. Landing more in the hardcore realm, with influences from metal and a healthy respect for punk, Cove bring a level of aggression and rawness that few other locals have managed. Though short, their recent EP, Pig God, shows a lot of promise, and leaves us eagerly anticipating their next release.


We raved about Nest‘s latest EPHadal, upon its release in January; in fact, it remains one of our favorite releases of 2014 thus far. Channeling melodic post-hardcore and indie rock elements, Nest could easily be labeled a part of the “emo revival” that is arguably underway. However, to peg the group as revivalist would be selling them short. Nest’s sound is wholly original, a balanced sum of a broad array of influences. They land in the same territory as acts like Balance and Composure, Mew, and Brand New; a feat not easily achieved and one in of itself that makes them worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as those amazing acts. Show up early because you don’t want to miss them!

Daisyhead, Cove, and Nest will perform TONIGHT, April 14, at The End. The show is 18+, begins at 8 p.m., and tickets are available for $7.

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