John and Jacob Return to 3rd and Lindsley April 10


You guys remember, John and Jacob, right? We wrote about the Alabama-bred, Nashville-based duo at length earlier this year. First, we told you about their debut Nashville headlining show at 3rd and Lindsley, for which we gave away some tickets and brought you a review, and we even managed to catch up with the guys for a chat, where we talked new album, musical beginnings, their involvement with ABC’s Nashville, and more! That show was so much fun (and, amazingly, sold out!!), that they’ve decided to do it again! The duo, John Davidson and Jacob Bryan, who now also count Jake Thrasher, Trevor Davis, and Austin Smith among their official lineup, will return to 3rd and Lindsely on April 10, this time with Seryn, and it’s guaranteed to be another great one! Channeling a folk-influenced, country leaning, pop rock sound, John and Jacob are one of Nashville’s best emerging acts, and seem well on the way to becoming a massive success. Keep an eye out for their debut full-length in the coming months!

Tickets are on sale now for just $10. Grab them while they last!

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