Win Tickets to the Dandy Warhols w/ the Warlocks | May 5th @ Mercy Lounge

The Dandy Warhols

Let’s face it: if you know who The Dandy Warhols are, you’re probably going to their show later this spring. For whatever reason, this Portland based four piece seems to spawn very, very passionate fans. We’ll tell you all about the Dandy Warhols and openers The Warlocks in a bit, but first let’s get to the meat of this post: we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see these two bands for their Mercy Lounge performance on May 5th. We realize that’s a ways away, but hey, these tickets will be in high demand. If you want to enter to win, just fill out the forms below. Plus, if you RSVP to the show via Facebook, we’ll put your name in a second time. Before we get to that, however, let’s take a moment to learn a bit about both of these stellar acts.


Having been around since 1994, one would imagine that The Dandy Warhols have had quite a bit of time to get their act down perfectly. Based on what we’ve seen of their past performances, that’s a pretty reasonable assumption, as this four piece absolutely kills it with their uniquely psychedelic take on traditional indie alt rock. Despite being 20 years old (an eon compared to most bands), the Dandy Warhol’s still sound fresh and current, and they still put out new releases every couple years or so. The group has a live version of their Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia slated to hit shelves on March 25th, but in the meantime you can enjoy a classic Dandy Warhol’s song below, “Bohemian Like You.”



If there were ever a band that should open for the Dandy Warhols, it would be The Warlocks. This delightfully named four piece (currently, the lineup changes a ton) has been around since ’98, and is largely based on the current musical interests of Bobby Hecksher, the only consistent member of the group. Because of this, the Warlocks have released music in a wide variety of niches, including nearly incomprehensible drone music to upbeat psychedelia to more traditional rock pieces. Regardless, one can be sure that the Warlocks have quite a repertoire to choose from for their live show, and they won’t hesitate to pull all stops for an awesome show. 




Must be 18+ to enter, per the show’s age requirements. Winners will be announced March 26th at noon, and will receive 2 tickets. For a bonus chance to win, RSVP to the event here, and share it on your Facebook wall. Enter below (you will be redirected to your e-mail, where you will need to hit send):

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The Dandy Warhols and the Warlocks will perform 5/5 at Mercy Lounge. The show is 18+, begins at at 8 pm (doors at 7 pm), and tickets are available to purchase for $25.

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