Spreadin’ the Love | Watch Our Own Philip Obenschain Interview The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne for Alt Press


As you might be aware, for a little over six months, I’ve also been a regular contributor to Alternative Press, and, more recently, I’ve become the Nashville correspondent for Alt’s online video network, APTV. Earlier this week, APTV posted an interview of mine that I wanted to share here as well. Remember that Wayne Coyne in-store at Grimey’s we told you about last month? Well, I got a chance to chat with Wayne on camera. We talked about The Flaming Lips‘ 30th anniversary, special releases, candy skulls, and more, and Wayne even dropped some news about what we can expect from The Lips at this spring’s Record Store Day! Check out the interview after the jump, and, if you dig it, subscribe to the Alt Press YouTube Channel. Virtually all of my interviews will be conducted in Nashville, some with local artists, and I even have some local lifestyle pieces in the works! Enjoy!

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