Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’14: Number 4


Bonnaroo kicked off its annual lineup guessing game, Roo Clues, last week, and we think we solved the first two as well as number three. Adopting a much simpler format, this year’s clues will just be Instagram-based, and will arrive every Tuesday and Thursday. Roo Clue #4 landed this morning, and Bonnaroo must have been listening when we asked for more of a challenge, because it’s the first one we’ve had to think hard about. After the jump, check out our guess!

Here’s Roo Clue #4:

This one’s a bit more challenging, but here’s what we’re thinking:

  • It’s a party hat on a tile floor. Is it a birthday party hat? Maybe. Either way, many parties involve cake, so could it be Cake? They’re a likely contender for the lineup, but probably not the best solution to this clue. [verdict: maybe]
  • In keeping with the “maybe it’s a birthday party” theme, could it be referencing The Birthday Party or, more likely, its most famous ex-member, Nick Cave? His routing would suggest that he’ll be in the neighborhood, so a Bonnaroo stop is very likely. However, our gut says he’s still not the answer; they probably wouldn’t reference his band from decades ago. But who knows. [verdict: possibly]
  • Birthday or not, the hat screams party (and today’s Radio Bonnaroo hint was pay attention to the “party” aspect), and who’s the most famous party-oriented musician around? Andrew W.K. Though Andrew’s addition to Hangout Fest suggests he’s a strong contender, there’s not much else about this to support that guess. But maybe it’s supposed to be a literal connection. Party hat, hard floor = party hard? [verdict: likely]
  • Sticking with the importance of “party,” and looking at the very deliberate block pattern of the tiles, if these clue is following the pattern of the last three, it’s literally hinting the name, not an association, and the best name would be Bloc Party. Though the group are reportedly on hiatus, the band haven’t spoken much about the break in specifics, and by the time ‘Roo rolls around, they’ll have had almost a year to unwind. Could it be time to make a comeback already? Seems like like a solid chance. We’re calling this our best bet. [verdict: pretty likely]

Do you agree with our guess? Think we’ll be seeing Bloc Party this summer in Manchester? For the first time ever, we think all four artists that we named have a significant chance of winding up on the bill. We’ll be back Tuesday with Roo Clue #5!

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