No Country’s Best Nashville Albums of 2013

Best Of

Yes, we’re definitely behind, but it’s better late than never.  Yesterday, we brought you our top 10 National releases of 2013, and, today, we keep it local with our favorite releases from Nashville artists this year.  In a similar fashion to yesterday, the No Country staff nominated their favorite records, and then we put the top nominees to a vote. This list definitely shows the diverse musical tastes amongst the No Country team, and it was really fun to see how it all shook out, and where we all overlap. Have a look at our top Nashville albums of 2013 below, and stay tuned for our favorite live shows of last year coming soon.

10. Torres – Torres[1.22.13, self-released]


9. Bully – Bully [EP] – [10.1.13, self-released]


8. Escondido – The Ghost of Escondido[2.26.13, Kill Canyon]


7. The Weeks – Dear Bo Jackson – [4.30.13, Serpents & Snakes]

THe Weeks

6. Moon Taxi – Mountains Beaches Cities[9.10.13, 12th South]

moon taxi

5. Caitlin Rose – The Stand In – [3.5.13, ATO]


4. Tristen – C A V E S – [10.15.13, Pupsnake Records]


3. Those Darlins – Blur The Line – [10.1.13, Oh Wow Dang]

Those Darlins

2. Wild Cub – Youth – [1.14.13, Big Light; set for 1.21.14 wide release via Mom + Pop]

Wild Cub

1. Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – [8.20.13, Infinity Cat]

Diarrhea Planet

Honorable Mentions

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