Local experimental group Body of Light releases music video for “Somebody Else”


Twins Mike and Mitch Kluge, otherwise known as the experimental band Body of Light, released the first music video for their self-titled EP, which we reviewed in early November. Directed by Cameron Chiles, “Somebody Else” follows Mike, Mitch, and singer/collaborator Crystal Wood through a psychedelic exploration of an abandoned building, perhaps an old church or theater, and eventually lands at the balcony. The way the video was shot and edited—with varying colors, oftentimes juxtaposed textures, disappearing silhouettes, and animation—is fitting for this collaborative experimental project that operates on the convergence of tastes, genres, techniques, and pure Kluge vision. You might not be able to tell the twins apart in the video below, but you can check them out at the 8 off 8th: Jingle Ball this coming Monday, December 16 at Mercy Lounge.

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