First Tupac, now Dolly—it’s that hologram life


Now that the holidays are here, we’ve got too much time on our hands and (for those from Nashville) family in town. Besides drinking and watching Netflix, family get-togethers usually involve some form of ridiculous consumer culture, if only to get out of the house. This year, try a day trip to Pigeon Forge for Dollywood. Why? Other than because Dolly Parton is fucking awesome in every way, she’ll be performing in hologram form as the ghost of Christmas past in Dollywood’s A Christmas Carol. Yeah, that makes Dolly Parton the second hologram to have ever lived. I mean, what could possibly make a Dollywood Christmas special any tackier? A Dologram. WTF, but yes. The show runs through the beginning of January. Tickets can be found on the Dollywood website.

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