Didn’t Grab Your HAIM Tickets Fast Enough? | This ‘SNL’ Performance Probably Won’t Cheer You Up


Remember just one week ago, when we brought you news of Los Angeles sister group HAIM‘s first-ever Nashville headlining show? And, remember, at the time, when we told you that you’d better grab your tickets fast, since they would almost certainly sell out? Well, that April 27 show, which was originally intended to take place at Mercy Lounge, then bumped to Cannery Ballroom after selling out almost instantly, managed to even sell out its upgrade in a matter of no time at all. Moral of the story? You should probably start listening to us (no… the moral of the story is, HAIM are one of the best, most hyped up and coming acts in rock, and they’re worth every ounce of the attention that they’re receiving).

Whether you’re gloating because you managed to score a ticket, or sulking because you forgot, there’s one undeniable fact which we hope that you can all agree on: HAIM’s debut appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend was one of the best on-air performances the show has boasted in quite some time! Check out “The Wire” and “Don’t Save Me” after the jump!

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