[Hump Day Diversion] The Royal Treatment

royals clown

We love covers here at No Country — Diversions, especially. From our birthday celebration focus on Beck’s Song Reader (relive the magic) to our extensive coverage of every imaginable iteration of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” (recall it), we can’t resist the opportunity to revel in fresh approach on tried and true tunes. And thusly, we presently present a dose of disparate takes on the inescapable twee of the girl that cut her teeth on wedding rings (in the movies) via some imaginative re-imaginings!

Female forces combine to create this a cappella rendering…

And this sad clown takes the slow jam approach…

And, of course, there is the version that we brought you last month from Paper Route.

Now, in the risk of this whole “hump day” glee becoming this decade’s “wazzup?!” — we simply bid you good tidings until next time!

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