Watch JEFF The Brotherhood’s Performance Last Week At Exit/In

JEFF The Brotherhood. Photo by Jake Giles Netter.

How many of you out there have seen JEFF The Brotherhood before? Ok, put your hands down. How many of you have seen JTB in the last year? Fewer hands. Ok, how many of you have seen them at their defacto Nashville home, Exit/In? Final question, how many of you saw them perform last week at Exit/In for the Red Bull Sound Select Show for only $3? Sigh. Why did you all miss out? Well, because we (really it was Infinity Cat) love you, we’re bringing you that show in its entirety (really it is broken into four videos in a playlist) below.

Happy Thursday, enjoy the ride, and you are welcome (that was from Infinity Cat too). With no shows currently on the books, this might be all you get for a little bit, though, we are pretty sure they will pop up again around Nashville real soon.

For best quality on these videos, click that little settings button, and select 1080p.

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