Milktooth Set To Drop A New Cover & Here Is A Hint…


Milktooth prompted us to fire up Beck’s Song Reader to celebrate our second anniversary with their rendition of “Eyes That Say I Love You”. This further destroyed our already blown minds after their previous reimaginings of The XX, Beach House and Kavinsky.  Well, for those of you that are fans of Milktooth, like we are, this will come as a interesting bit of news for you.  It appears that our friends are going to be dropping a new cover on Saturday night at The 5 Spot, and we’ve got some interesting hints to narrow down what their next submission to our aural pleasure will be.

Milktooth Prince Tweet
which leads to this…
Milktooth Prince Shot
which could possibly lead to something as cool as this….

So, I guess we are all in agreement that they are talking about Prince here? Anyone want to dare to take a guess of the song? “Purple Rain” seems too obvious, but would be very cool to hear from them. “Let’s Go Crazy” and “I Would Die 4 You” seem slightly too poppy to touch. “When Doves Cry”… really? Wow, that is almost too much to fathom. How about “Darling Nikki”… whoa? The remaining tracks from Purple Rain (assuming the photo is actually referring to a song from that album) include: “Take Me With You”, “The Beautiful Ones”, “Computer Blue”, and “Baby, I’m A Star”. Pontificate amongst yourself, and we’ll see you over at The 5 Spot on Saturday night to find out!

You can catch Milktooth w/ Nudity, Seth Wood, and The Future Laureates at The 5 Spot on Saturday Night at 9pm!

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