Catch Tycho w/ Beacon Tonight @ Exit/In


Much to the delight of fans across Nashville, tonight may very well be the most chill night at Exit/In for the remainder of this year. This is due, naturally, to the headline Tycho, whose meandering melodies and sunset hazed pads seem to have a relaxing effect on anyone who listens. Opening for Tycho will be the duo Beacons, whose spaced out harmonies provide the perfect headspace to decompress and listen to some fantastic tracks. The show starts at 9 pm with tickets starting at only $15, so go ahead and get yours now while supplies still last.


Every so often, a DJ appears whose music is a strong argument against electronic music naysayers. These DJs put out tracks that are intelligent and make their listeners think and feel, in addition to dancing. Tycho is one such DJ. One of Tycho’s most recent project, titled Fragments and Ascension, was a split project with electronic masters Thievery Corporation. Each of the two DJs remixed each others tracks, and in turn displayed their incredible versatility and level of musicianship. Expect to get a taste of that versatility tonight at Exit/In.


If minimalistic trip hop is your thing, Beacon is the act for you. This incredible duo recently put out a critically acclaimed LP by the name of The Ways We Separate, and let us tell you, this record is awesome. The vocal hooks and minimalistic approach to the album create a musical experience that enfolds the listener in a comforting warmth. Beacon is that band you find and put on when your friends are around to look impressive and sophisticated, and you could see them tonight at Exit/In.

Tycho and Beacon will perform 11/7 at Exit/In. The show is all ages, begins at at 9 pm (doors at 8 pm), and tickets are available for $15.

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