Hear Mogwai’s New Single & Catch Them On May 3rd @ Exit/In

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

Sometimes, music is a social experience. There’s definitely no arguing that folks enjoy getting together, throwing on some upbeat record, and dancing the night a way, with a couple guzzled beer for good measure. This kind of music is most certainly fun, but thankfully not all music is like that. Some artists, such as Mogwai, focus on creating intensely personal albums that fosters scrupulous self-reflection over twerking. The Mogwai track embedded below the jump is a perfect example of such music, but more pertinently it’s also the single from Mogwai’s upcoming 8th studio effort, Rave Tapes, which should hit shelves January 21st. Give a good, hard listen to the hypnotic arpeggiations and orchestral builds present in “Remurdered“; you might just learn something. Both the record and single are courtesy of the infamous label Sub Pop.

If the new single and album aren’t enough to fill the Mogwai sized hole in your heart (and really, they shouldn’t be), you can also check out their tour schedule. Over the course of several months, Mogwai will be traveling across the US and Europe, including a show at Exit/In on May 3rd, 2014. Tickets for this show will go on sale this weekend right here, and will cost $20 in advance and $23 the day of show. We’ll bring you more information as soon as it’s available!

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