No Country Takes Over The 615 on Lightning 100 Tonight!!!


Every Monday at 6:15pm Lightning 100 brings you a full hour of local music on their program, The 615.  Tonight, we sit down with DJs Wells Adams & Justin Hammel to take over the program.  We’ll be bringing you a bunch of debut tracks that have been pinging our radar.  Make sure you check out the program at 100.1 on your radio dial or you can listen live on your computer at this link right here.

On tonight’s show, we will feature new music by The Aquaducks, Staying For The Weekend, Simo, *repeat repeat, Tesla Rossa, Bully, Pang, Sherbert, Wabash Revival, Sara Beck, Haunted Device, and Cotton Wine.  We think you are really going to enjoy all these awesome new tracks.

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