The Aquaducks Drop New Single, Record Release Show On Nov. 7


Local party band The Aquaducks are releasing their debut self-titled EP on November 7th, but we have an advance copy that has been on pretty serious rotation over here.  The six-piece has certainly made a name for themselves since bursting on the scene as the victors in the highly competitive Belmont Battle Of The Bands.  This immediately gained recognition for the band as a soon to be Nashville mainstay for good vibes and quality musicianship.

After the jump, we’ll run down a little bit more about The Aquaducks, tell you about their record release party on November 7th at 12th & Porter, and debut a new song and video from the upcoming EP.

You may have noticed that I used the moniker “party band” for The Aquaducks. That rather broad descriptor is because it’s hard to put a label on a band like this. You could throw around “jam band”, but I feel like that one gets a bad rap for smelly grilled cheese selling fans. You could try out “funk”, and that would definitely fit the bill for some of the tracks on this record, including the first single “Fuel The Funk”.  However, that sells The Aquaducks short, as you will see when you get your hands on the full EP.  So, I think “party band” is the line of best fit for The Aquaducks.

There are definite influences that have contributed to the unique sound of The Aquaducks. It could be from the regional variation of the members who originally hail from locales up and down the eastern seaboard. It could also be the aptitude of the musicians involved in The Aquaducks. It’s not like Parliament would have been nearly the funk (dare I say “Party”) band that they were without reigning in some of the top musicians around. Jam bands are the same way. Love them or hate them, they have really, really amazing musicians. So, maybe I am jumping out on a limb here with these comparisons, but I’m not alone on this skinny branch. With an incredible debut EP on the way, and a live show that would make your granny toss her walker to dance, it’s time you get to know The Aquaducks.

Check out the videos for “Fuel The Funk” and “This Far,” and go ahead and mark your calendar for the EP Release show coming up at 12th & Porter on November 7th with Roots Of A Rebellion and Dynamo. You can go ahead and snag tickets for that one right here.

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