Chancellor Warhol drops “The Kennedy’s” & teaser vid for upcoming LP ‘Paris Is Burning’

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Paris Is Burning releases September 17th

We’ve told you a LOT about Chancellor Warhol… like here, here, here, here and, well, lots of other places on this site. Why do we spend so much time waxing poetic about the rising Nashville hip-hop star? Because when he goes all Jay-Z famous, we want to ride on his yacht and get invites to the dope parties. Whoa, whoa, whoa… we aren’t really that shallow (yes we are), but the truth is Chance is one of the sweetest flowing and smartest rhyming hip-hop MCs we’ve seen. In a world of over-produced “Yeah, Yeah, Put Your Hands In The Air, Yeah, Yeah” commercially successful artists, Warhol has a flow that is equally intense live as in your headphones. We’re pretty pumped to check out his upcoming record, Paris Is Burning, and have already listened to the first track, “The Kennedy’s,” about 25 times today.

Check out the new single and a teaser video for Paris Is Burning below.

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