[Review & Photos] Nashville Outlines | The Stone Fox | August 3 2013


Show of hands, how many of you were hanging out around The Stone Fox on Saturday for Nashville Outlines? We finally summoned the energy after the good times at Friday’s benefit for Luella and The Sun to have a couple of drinks for the latter part of the inaugural (?) festival on the West Side on Saturday. As with most new events like that, it was a little bit of a cluster understanding where permits allowed you to have a beer or not, and we were lucky to beat the line to get back into The Stone Fox after the JEFF set. That being said, we have to say bravo to the organizers who pulled off a pretty epic free event in the northwest corner of town. We have a short review below, and a bunch of pictures from our photog, Jake Giles Netter.

No Country rolled onto the scene to encounter plenty that had been drinking all day, and waiting for JEFF The Brotherhood to get started on the big(ger) outdoor stage. JEFF growled through all of the crowd favorites, and started the crowd into their almost mandatory crowd surfing frenzy. There were clearly some noise ordinance concerns making it hard to fully enjoy from any considerable distance from the stage, but that just made the area immediately in front of the stage as frantic as a sold out Exit/In show. Highlight of the show… watching some fool dive into the crowd from atop a 12-foot high stack of speakers. I could have sworn that people just moved and let him hit the ground. It certainly didn’t phase Nashville’s garage rock kings in the slightest though.

It’s been a minute since we’ve hung with last year’s Road To Bonnaroo winner, Fly Golden Eagle. I guess it makes sense though, since they’ve spent some time on the road with The Alabama Shakes. Spending time with FGE is like hanging out with an old friend that you haven’t seen in forever, but it’s like you haven’t missed a beat. Hopefully, we’ll get some more dates with them this fall.

Natalie Prass took the stage to a pretty much gone crowd. Between the impatient line outside The Stone Fox, the plethora of beers, and the gaggle of JEFF band-wagoners that had already left, Prass played her heart out with a number of other local musicians in accompaniment. Her stuff is original and pretty, but seemed slightly uncaptivating at the late time slot. I’m going to blame the booze and apathetic crowd, and continue to flaunt the praise of the Nashville songstress.

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