Jeff The Brotherhood Coachella Interview Surfaces

JEFF the Brotherhood - Bonaroo 2013

Just yesterday, the wonderful invention by local Al Gore called the internet, surfaced another incredible video of local beer drinking garage rockers, JEFF The Brotherhood. This interviews features brothers Jake and Jamin, along with very quiet touring band members keyboardist Christina and guitarist King Karl, drinking beer and talking Nashville while entertaining the radio audience of LA based station, KROQ.

Highlights include the numerous bleeps to the audience back home, a shout out to Grimey’s, an “agreement to disagree” about the best taco stand, the norm of growing up in a musical family, stealing Jack White’s fan base, & Jake’s interesting road soda.

Check out the interview below, and get ready for their FREE appearance at Saturday’s Nashville Outlines over at The Stone Fox. We’ll have a little run down about that later in the week, but, if you somehow haven’t heard about it yet, you can get some more information right here.

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