Aquaducks Bring The Funk To Nashville With Video For “This Far”


These hot summer nights make me miss the funk from the days of my relative youth in New Orleans. It’s all about hot, sweaty bars with the air so thick and dank that you can cut it with a beer bottle opener. However, while I now bitch about the incessant drops of sweat running down my forehead, I used to spend hours and hours of the late New Orleans nights sweating my ass off to some serious funk music. While Nashville may not have the same penchant for horns as our sweaty swampy southern sister, you can still find Nashville’s own flavor of the funk. We have bands like Space Capone, Deep Fried Five, and, how about, the Aquaducks.

We’ve heard some ramblings from these guys before, but they pinged our radar again recently with the new video for “This Far”. You can check that out after the jump, and be sure to look out for your for the drunken, angry cameo of Mercy Lounge leadership as things get heated up. They are working on a local album release show for early fall, and we’ll keep you in the loop on that. In the meantime, enjoy the party in the dog days of summer.

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