Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Silent Disco DJs Edition


Even though Bonnaroo is just a week away, some last minute lineup additions and scheduling are still being announced. The majority of recent add-ons have included the bands slated to play Bonnaroo’s smaller and auxiliary stages. The Silent Disco has been one of the festival’s top attractions for several years running. While a DJ, band, or special guest spins tunes, festival-goers are invited to slip on a pair of headphones and bogey in (relative) silence with their fellow attendees. This year sports about as cool a Silent Disco lineup as we’ve seen, so we’re bringing you a quick rundown on who’s performing, below.


Silent Disco DJ | Atta Unsar
Day & Time | Friday | 6PM

While we’re sure Atta Unsar, whoever he, she or, it might be- exists- we’ll be dammed if we can’t find a single thing about them. Even Bonnaroo’s official bio is suspiciously blank. Go, and be surprised!


DJ Jazzy Jeff.preview

Silent Disco DJ | DJ Jazzy Jeff
Day & Time | Thursday | 12:30AM

The former DJ for The Fresh Prince has grown to become a serious and seriously respected underground champion for the art of DJing. We’re sure a a few of the ’80s tunes that made him famous will sneak their way into his set though.

Watch | Live at the Red Bell SXSW Showcase

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Silent Disco DJDJ Keebz
Day & Time | Saturday, Sunday | 4PM

Sometimes Nashville resident and collaborator with, Big Kenny, and Chad Hugo, DJ Keebz already has experience in throwing Silent Disco events of his own, so he’s sure to bring the party.

Watch | Silent Disco Event

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Silent Disco DJ | DJ Logic
Day & Time | Thursday @ 8:30PM | Friday @ 12:30AM

New York-based DJ Logic has become a seminal creative force in nu-jazz/acid jazz, and has worked with the highest pedigrees of rapper, as well as crossed over the the rock and jam band world. That means he’s about as perfect a choice for Bonnaroo as can be.

Watch | “Hope Road” (Official Music Video)

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Silent Disco DJDJ Sam Spiegel of N.A.S.A.
Day & Time | Thursday @ 10:30PM | Saturday @ 6PM

Currently a member of Maximum Hedrum as well as N.A.S.A. (the group that collaborates with every dope rapper and indie artist ever, not the space program), Sam Spiegel is not only an accomplished DJ, but well-versed in many genres. Expect a killer and eclectic mix, with lots of rock leanings.

Watch | “Gifted” (N.A.S.A. – Official Music Video)

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Silent Disco DJ | Jared Dietch
Day & Time | Friday @ 2:30AM | Saturday @ 11PM

Jared Dietch is a true hustler, having produced commercials  worked with major label artists toured with the likes of Deadmau5 and David Geutta, and worked with top brands. With over two-decades of DJing experience, expect a top-notch set.

Watch | “You Are” (w/ Rico Caruso)

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Silent Disco DJ | Jonny Santos
Day & Time | Thursday | 6PM

Brooklyn DJ Jonny Santos has made a name for himself as an excellent remix and mixtape artist. He’s no stronger to a long, continuous dance mix, one of the hippest DJs in New York, and a perfect addition to the Bonnaroo lineup.

Listen | Kaytranada Spring Mixtape for Bromance

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Silent Disco DJ | MSSL CMMND
Day & Time | Saturday | 2AM

Made up of The Neptunes’ Chad Hugo and Baltimore’s Daniel Biltmore, MSSL CMMND are something of a supergroup. They borrow from the pair’s pop pedigree, creating songs just as much as mixes, but staying infinitely dancer. Expect them to be the Silent Disco’s MVPs.

Listen | “Why Fight the Space Age?”

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Silent Disco DJ | Passion Pit (DJ Set)
Day & Time | Friday | 2:30PM

It’s not uncommon to see a main stage act or two slated for a guest DJ set but, in Passion Pit‘s case, it totally makes sense. Their infectiously catchy dance-pop sound would already suggest that they have an affinity for the genre, and they’ve been known to DJ a party or two from time to time.

Watch | DJing “I am Not a Robot” Live @ Emo’s/SXSW

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Silent Disco DJ | Vacationer (DJ Set)
Day & Time | Thursday, Friday | 4PM

This DJ set makes a bit less sense, since Vacationer aren’t slated to perform at the festival proper, but we’ll take it. The atmospheric, indie pop/chillwave new project of The Starting Line’s Kenny Vasoli, Vacationer doesn’t immediately scream DJ music, but we’re curious to see what Vasoli has up his sleeve.

Watch | “Trip” (Official Music Video)

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Silent Disco DJ | Y Luv
Day & Time | Friday | 11PM

Another band rather than DJ, and, like Vacationer, one not performing at the festival otherwise, having Y Luv spin still mostly makes sense. An indie/dance pop group, Y Luv’s sound just begs to be remixed and clearly have a deep understanding and affinity for dance music. We’re excited to see what they spin!

Watch | “Driftin”

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