[Ticket Giveaway] The Generationals with Brass Bed | The High Watt | May 10

It’s been almost two years since I started this little rag, and the band I’m about to talk about is one of the reasons that it  ever started at all.  As a transplant from a larger market, bands that pinged highly on Pitchfork (I’ll save my diatribe on that one for another time) would send the trust fund hipster kids of San Francisco into a skinny jeaned tizzy.  You had to be ON IT, if you wanted to have a chance to see a band for the first time in a small venue, and I arrived in Nashville with similar expectations.  The band on one of those early fateful Nashville nights was Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. at The Basement.  Pitchfork had been going bananas about the racesuit wearing Detroit pop band, so I snatched up tickets EAAAARRRRLLLLYYY.  Needless to say, I got there to find maybe 40 people in the joint.  Was it apathy?  Was it that the Nashville music scene is too big to support everyone?  Or was it just that folks didn’t know?  Regardless of the true reason (I’ll that save my thoughts on that one for another time too), No Country was born.

Did I just lose you?  Don’t worry, we are going to discuss The Generationals and give you some tunes to jam to after the jump.  If you are just here for the ticket giveaway, then scroll right down to the bottom for entry details.

The Generationals

So, why did I just carry you through that lengthy backstory?  Because the band that I saw open for Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, The Generationals, actually took the prize for awesome that night.  The New Orleans based band made all 40 of us at The Basement take notice of their fresh electro-pop sound.  The music is sonically refreshing, and, as a NOLA expat, it is also invigorating to hear something break through all those Dixieland horns (though I would never hate).  If you didn’t click on that link up there with our review from May 2011, you should check out the video from their past release Actor-Caster for “Ten-Twenty-Ten” (via Park The Van Records), and then you should check out the video for “Put A Light On” from their most recent release titled Heza (from their new Polyvinyl label).

Does that sound like your new summer jam or what? Trust me, it is even better live. So, lemme tell you how to get a free ticket to this along with a video from opener Brass Bed. Who may just be the next great new band that you find.  Get out to see some live music.

Like what you’ve heard? Here’s all you have to do to enter. We’ll pick the winners on Friday at noon.

  • Be 18 or older.
  • E-mail [email protected].
  • Put “Generationals Contest” in the subject line.
  • Provide us with your first and last name.

If you don’t like to play around, and just want to buy tickets now, here is the link…  don’t dilly dally.  This time it might just sell out!

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