East Nashville Underground Spring 2013 | Saturday Day Session Preview


Hell to the YES! It’s that time again, Nashville — where we celebrate another season like some indie rock pagans in a home-grown festival fit for Dionysus in skinny jeans. Spring is SPRUNG and we’re making like Punxsutawney Phil and heading underground for what is sure to be the most epic East Nashville Underground installment yet! (You can reminisce and re-live the magic of ENU Winter 2013 here).

We already gave you the details of Monday’s stellar 8 Off 8th celebration that kicked off this week’s undergound activities, and Philip brought you the scoop on some preliminary details after the announcement party at The Stone Fox back in April.  Jessika dug through the Friday night lineup for you yesterday, and now we turn our attention to the ever-growing Saturday Day session for one of their biggest lineups yet. The May 11th day session kicks off at 1pm and runs right through until 8pm.  Just enough time for a little breather before you go hard again all night.  This is the last season for ENU at The East Room, so let’s send this one out with a bang starting on Saturday afternoon.  Full preview of all the bands are after the jump.





ERIN MCCARLEY (headliner)


Get your wristbands here and NOW because you know it’s gonna’ be that good kind of sell-out… the kind you get to brag about later for having been there. ($15 for either night, $10 for SaturDAY, or $25 for the weekend). Cliff Notes to the happening available courtesy of the Corders on Facebook. This season of Underground promises better free beer in exchange for the lack of free liquor, and the Candy Bar is back so you’ll be refreshed all weekend for sure.

Don’t forget to tweet at the ENU team this weekend and your friends here at No Country to let us know you’re out and about! You can get in the spirit with Jared’s playlist on Spotify featuring past and present ENU artists.

And check back tomorrow for the Saturday Night rundown! See you underground!



ENU started with a humble and honest beginning in Jared and Kristyn Corder’s basement. They wanted a place where truly great local bands could get on a bill together in a less stuffy, less expensive “cough DRINKS cough” place than an actual venue.

The current space hosting ENU, The East Room, is located at 2412 Gallatin Road, which is owned by Ben Jones of Pizza Buds and The Grass Knoll Movie Nights in 5 Points. He is an all around gentleman who is doing great things to enhance the East Nashville Community. This spring’s installment of ENU will most likely be the last at The East Room as they’ve outgrown the space and plans for a new venue beginning with the summer session are in the works. You can get the dates for the next year’s worth of Undergrounds here.

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